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We have dedicated our service to ensuring that you the customer gets service with convenience. We have therefore dedicated a call center for your needs, available during normal business hours. We have also availed a WhatsApp number and Online chat service available for 24hrs, 7 days a week.

​We have a team of sales agents, ready to assist you to choose the right device that suits your needs. These agents are available through our “WhatsApp a Sales Agent” buttons found on each page and our online chat service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we do deliver phones across Zimbabwe in all major towns and cities. We also deliver to remote areas on request from the customer. Our delivery service is run by FedEx and as such tracking of parcels during delivery is done through the FedEx website. We always work hard to ensure that you receive a tracking number within 24Hrs of completing your purchase.

Yes! We also accept bank transfers and mobile money transfers. You will need to engage a Sales Representative on our chat service in order to make the necessary payment arrangements.

We expect our delivery time to fall within about 2-5 working days. We encourage you to keep track of your shipment on the FedEx website through your tracking number. We also encourage you to keep communication channels open with our Sales representatives to ensure you are kept up to date. We thrive to ensure that you can sit back and relax as your delivery is being made.

We are a UK based company. Our major phone supplier is in Zimbabwe. Most of the gadgets will be delivered from Zimbabwe to almost every part of the world.

Yes, we can fit your phone with a temper glass on condition that you permit the sales representatives to open your boxed gadget for the installation. Your consent can be communicated through our chat service to our sales representatives. Temper glasses come as an option during the purchase process. You should specify that you want a temper glass so that you can purchase it along with your gadget.

Yes, you can change the phone ordered as long as the change is made before delivery has started. This is usually within the first 24hrs of placing the order. You will need to communicate with the sales representatives to initiate the process as well as to find out if it is possible to initiate the process at that point in time.

Yes, we can install software that you would have directed us to with your consent to open the boxed gadget. Please be informed that as per our refund policy, devices that have additional software installed on them are not eligible for a refund.

Yes, these can be specified during the purchase process as options. Some devices already have earphones included in the box, so you may need to confirm with a sales representative before making the purchase.

You will need the following documentation ready with you on applying:

1.) Signed Invoice of the products you wish to apply for.
2.) You also need a current payslip.
3.) You need a valid copy of your ID.
4.) You need a signed and stamped Confirmation Letter of Employment.
5.) You will also need a selfie of yourself holding your current payslip and your ID.
6.) Passport Sized photo of yourself.

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Customer Support

If you need the assistance of a representative from PMC Gadgets, please use the button below. (You will be redirected to WhatsApp messenger)

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